Jan 12, 2009

Eat Clean Diet

My most favorite book! It is hard core, and takes alot of discipline, but it is the right way our bodies should be fed. I dont really consider it a diet, just changing your lifestyle and how you eat. It is pretty hard at first, but give it a couple weeks and it gets easy. Remember, it takes about a month to build a habit! The best part for me is, I dont crave sweets while eating like this. You can pull it up online and look through some of the pages.

If you plan on doing this, try to shop at stores that have organic sections (makes shopping alot easier)

-Whole Foods
-Good Earth
-Smiths Market Place


Ashley said...

Bryndie!! I am so excited that you are in on this....It is so nice to have someone who is professional at a healthy lifestyle involved. I am going to check into that book. And on a side note...those of us here in Austin MN Walmart actualy sales a lot of organic veggies...like that good earth.

Emily said...

I just want to say that Bryndie suggested this book to me a couple weeks ago and I read it all in one night! It is seriously a great book, fun to read and full of good information! I was actaully just about to blog about it myself. It is really helping me change some of my habits. I am NOT a dieter so it was perfect for some one like me who really just wants to make better choices day to day. Thanks Bryn - we are so lucky to get your advice!

Emily said...

Oh and I also wanted to add that I really am already starting to crave carbs and sugars less too!

jessica said...

I put this book on hold tonight through our library system. Thanks for the suggestion! I also found an Eat Clean Diet for Families and Kids book...might be a good resource if we want to involve our kids in eating better.

Bryndie said...

The Eat clean diet has a section for kids, but I would love to look into the other books you found. I think it is a must for our families and kids to be involved in order for us to succeed in being healthier!