Jan 12, 2009

Juice Plus Complete "Protein Shakes"

These are the best protein shakes you will ever drink. For those of you out there that have tried protein shakes, most of them are just plain nasty. You don't get the gross after taste with these or get burned out. I have not had one person that did not like these, and all my clients are hooked. They come in Chocolate and Vanilla. The only bad part is you have to order 4 at a time and they are not the cheapest thing ever ($27 a can). If you are interested in them you can email me at bryndiem2@hotmail.com.

Nutrition Info:

**PROTEIN: 24 grams**
-soy, tofu, rice, chickpea
**FIBER: 14 grams**
**Carbohydrates: 28 grams**

Juice Plus+ COMPLETE is a whole-food based beverage offering balanced nutrition. It tastes great, has NO dairy, NO fast-releasing or artificial sugar, and is entirely from plan sources. It contains a proprietary blend of top quality powdered vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, and JUICE PLUS+ fruit and vegetable powders.

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