Jan 11, 2009

A Great Start!!!!

Oh yeah!! I am so excited at the response I have already recieved about this blog! And I am going to send you guys invites to be an Author (those of you who wanted to submit recipes) and then when you have a recipe to send post it into the blog so that all of us can try! Either that or email me the recipe and I will post it for you. Thanks everyone!!! I am so happy to hear that I am not all alone in this.....

First tip: A good friend from my highschool days posted a comment and suggested that we make the effort to get a vegetable in the morning. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! I would have never thought to do that. She said make your healthy berry smoothie and then make it green with a veggie.... oooo the possibilites. And they to make it easy on us busy moms a different friend of mine said that she makes her smoothies in bulk, stores them in small plastic cups and then freezes them and her and hubby grab one in the morning! Super easy...super fast just what mom's need right?

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