Feb 23, 2009

Oven French Fries

We love potatoes in our family! Especially when they are salted and fried! So I tried making them healthier by baking them. It worked out really well. I cut the potatoes in wedges about 1/4 -- 1/2 inch thick. Layed them on their back (potato skin down) on the pan, sprayed pam on them, salted them with sea salt. Then I put the oven rack as close to the burner as I could. Put the oven on to bake (not broil) @ 500 degrees. Let them bake for 25-30 minutes. They are so yummy! We loved them! I hope you enjoy them too.

Feb 20, 2009

Easy Zucchini Side (or appetizer)

I absolutely LOVE zucchini! This wasn't always the case however. It wasn't until I tried these that I became a true believer and now I make them as often as I can!
1 large zucchini
olive oil
Italian seasonings
Cooking Directions:
Cut the zucchini into long, flat, thin strips (about as thin as a slice of cheese). Lay them out on a paper towel for at least four hours to dry out a bit.
Arrange the strips on a baking sheet. LIGHTLY sprinkle olive oil on each side of the strip. With your fingers gently spread the olive oil to make sure it is evenly coated. Generously shake the Italian seasoning over the zucchini. Turn your oven on to broil and place the sheet on a top rack. Carefully watch the zucchini. You want them to get browned on top...not black! :)
*Take them out of the oven and eat them warm, or cool them, and eat them at room temp. Either way they are great!

Still Around!

I know it has been a while since any posts. I just want you all to know that once I get through this first couple months of pregnancy and morning sickness I will be right back into the swing of healthier living again...but for now it is cereal for me.....yes it is the only thing that settles my tummy! Lots of high fiber cearals. lol!!! Keep it up though!