Jan 10, 2009


This is my first attempt at creating a blog like this. I have found myself wanting to make a lifestyle change to a healthier one and not knowing how or where to begin. I began thinking about what a great thing it would be to be able to bounce recipes, tips, ideas, compliments, and stories with other moms who are also interested in this. If you have anything to add to our posts please feel free to comment. Also if you are interested in being an author to add to the blog please comment also to let me know. I hope this blog becomes a success and helps me to create a great healthier cookbook!

Remember: New Year ~ New You!


meredith said...

Ashley this is a great idea. I love hearing tips that worked from real people not infomercials. I'd love to help as well. I'd love to submit 1-2 healthy recipes each week with a review. If i know I have to do it than I will actually try some of these great recipes. :)

CrazyBrideCrazyWife said...

I just found this from Vanessa's blog - great idea. I just decided yesterday I was going to take a page out of a blog I follow (missycravescupcakes.blogspot.com) and start posting what I eat everyday on a new blog (that I've yet to create). I figured it would make more more accountable!

Good luck!

malibumoons said...

HEY! The big thing we are trying to focus on right now is eating more vegetables. I am learning more and more about how our bodies do best with veggies and fruits.
SO! I have actually been wanted to start up a blog as well. We started doing green smoothies every morning. Packed with greens, and some fruit to make it sweet. You get your veggies in the morning? That never happens! And the best part is, our daughter (two year old) even drinks em. My goal is to figure out what vegetable I want to cook, bake, and then figure out something to go with it. So that the vegetable is the main part of the meal.

Anyways, that is my big thing right now. I think this is great. I will try to email you some awesome recipes that I have just adopted into my life.
GOod Luck with everything!

The Minnesotan's said...

Count me in for recipes!!!

meredith said...

What a great idea Tara. I'm totally on that