Jan 22, 2009

Tricks for Eating to Lose Weight!

In College I took a nutrition class for one of my course requirements. We had a whole section about weight loss and some quick 'tips' that could help people to lose weight. Please note that diet and exercise are still a necessity. These aren't a magical weight loss remedy!
1. Apples and peppermint gum (not together) are an appetite suppressant.
2. Switching from regular to diet soda can drop five pounds off of you in one month!
3. Cutting out soda completely will reduce bloating.
4. Drinking a large glass of water BEFORE every meal helps to make you feel full sooner.
5. Try filling up on a large salad and then eating a small dinner.
6. NEVER eat after 8:00 PM. (water is fine)
*Additional note- the sooner you eat dinner, the more time you have to burn it off before bedtime!
7. Fiber is your friend!
8. Keep a food journal for one week of EVERYTHING you eat. (meals, scraps from the high chair, free samples from the grocery store, etc.) It helps you map out where you might be able to improve.
-These are just tips that have helped me in the past. You can totally disregard them if you want, but hopefully they might help someone out there!

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meredith said...

HMMMM these tips seem so practical, they're pretty hard to discount. I'm starting the food journal tomorrow.......