Jan 15, 2009

Hungry Girl

Evening ladies! Tara here (crazybridecrazywife) from my new weight loss blog. I wanted to tell you all about a big help to me - www. hungry-girl.com. I get an email from them each day with different tips and pointers. They even sent me out a good shopping list with all of the newest healthy low fat and low calorie items for the New Year.

If you don't want to subscribe but would like to see the list just let me know @ Tara.Rathbun@marriott.com and I'd be happy to email it to you! I'm inputting what I got from them today - and in the next few days I'll have a recipe of my own to post!

TOP ATE Calorie-Saving Cooking Swaps!
1.Nonstick cooking spray instead of oil (for stovetop cooking)

2.Canned pumpkin instead of eggs & oil (for baking)

3.Light vanilla soymilk instead of milk or cream

4.Fat-free liquid egg substitute instead of eggs

5.No-sugar-added applesauce instead of butter

6.Ground-beef-style soy crumbles instead of ground beef

7.Splenda No Calorie Sweetener (granular) instead of sugar

8.Butternut squash instead of potatoes

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