Jan 15, 2009

Kids and Food

I am just starting solid foods with my little boy. I have been giving him rice cereal and Gerber veggies, and am starting fruits. I feel like I don't really know what I'm doing though. I was thinking of getting a Magic Bullet so I could blend my own foods. Do you guys think that makes a very big difference vs. the Gerber food? Also what about proteins? When is that supposed to be okay?

ALSO...I am going to read a book I am really excited about called H0w to Get Your Kid to eat but not too much. It was highly recommended by my new sister in law who is a dietitian and is supposed to be a great book. It deals with feeding children from infants to teenagers. It's about helping children develop a good relationship with food. I think this is a profound topic especially taking into account the high numbers of childhood obesity, eating disorders and overall unhealthy culture that our kids will be facing. We owe it to our children to help them live their best lives and to be healthy. I will let you know more once I read it!


Ashley said...

I think you need to get your sister in law to join our blog!! I am going to look into that book that sounds great!!

I tried pureeing my own baby foods for a while, truth is at least out here it was more expensive for me. It is amazing how a really big amount of a vegetable turned into a really small amount of a puree....It got frustrating, and then I found it pricey to buy the containers to store them...their shelf lives were not as long and it was hard to have them mobile because they are not sealed so they have to be kept cold.

All in all I found I would rather buy the gerber stuff. THey do make an organic line.

Also Eli's pediatrician told me it was really important to feed them single foods meaning just peaches or just carrots or just ham and not the combo foods(the dinners and desserts) because if you look they will have added salts or sugars to them. I also started with veggies first because I knew Eli would like fruits no questions asked so I got him used to veggies first.

Good luck with what ever you decide!! I just wanted to share my experience.

Bryndie said...

I pureed most of Burklie's food and froze it in ice cube trays. Cheap and easy. I used a book called the healthy baby meal planner. I also used Earths Best (organic) baby food because it has a better variety of food than Gerber.

I also tried to stay away from Juice until she was a little older. I wanted her to get used to drinking milk and water when she was thirsty and not crave the sugars from juice (even 100% juice). I now will give her vegetable and fruit juice combined for breakfast (none after).

Sounds like a great book, let me know what you think!