Jan 17, 2009

Healthy Mexican

I LOVE Mexican food - it's kind of a must living in CA. My favorites are tostadas and taco salads. Not wanting to waste all of my day's calories on a hard taco shell or tostada shell this has become a new favorite:

Healthy Taco Salad Wrap

3-4 ounces ground turkey
Whole Wheat Tortilla or Low-Fat/Low-Carb Tortilla
Low Fat Sour Cream
Low Sodium Taco Seasoning

Brown the ground turkey, add the onion and cook until soft. Just before removing from heat add the taco seasoning. When your certain this is mixed in well remove from heat (I don't use the whole packet - it's always easier to add more later than to take away!)

On your tortilla place a dab of your low fat sour cream and salsa. On top of this place a handful of your lettuce greens (I let this be the majority of my wrap - filling and less calories). Add ground taco turkey meat. Wrap or fold as a soft taco if prefered.

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meredith said...

We also make mini taco salads by using baked scoops. They are baked taco shells in a bite size form. We do a tiny bit of meat (mixing 93% lean burger w/ boca meat) and top with diced tomatoes, onions (not the kids) lettuce and cheese. These are bite size but a ton of fun and very tasty.